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Flipper Mechanism for Fallen Drones

Date:February 9, 2024

Date:February 9, 2024

As an owner of a drone, associate Omar Soltero at RBEI Mexico wanted to create a device or an add-on that would be useful to inexperienced drone users. He and his fellow associate, Jorge Rodríguez, began to investigate the most common issues with drones.

They discovered that one of the most pertinent issues was that common drones did not have the mechanism to flip back if they fall or crash to the ground. And only high cost drones are protected mechanically against such crashes.

Thus started the conceptualization and development of a device that could solve this issue, by simply attaching it to any type of drone. (At the time they were thinking of DJI Phantom Drones as an example).

Drone 1

Drones 2

drones 3

The result of the research and development efforts was a device that would enable a drone to flip back up when it crashes or makes a wrong landing and the drone ends upside down.

The potential users and applications could be:

  • Users who wants to secure their drones
  • Users who want to avoid entering to inaccessible locations.
  • Usage of drones in the entertainment industry

The journey of innovation and development was a long, but ultimately, successful one. The team secured a patent for it in 2020 – an achievement that made all the invested hours, research, and analysis, all worth the while.

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