The Bosch SDS Advantage

We don’t just understand technology, but also the business imperatives. Bringing together an amalgamation of technologies in context of today and tomorrow, we have produced world-leading products for 130+ years and helped businesses innovate. We push the boundaries of traditional product engineering with extensive expertise across verticals, in-house development facilities, and agile engineering.

Result? A better, more sustainable, more intelligent approach to digitalization that ensures the creation of adaptive, effective, and intuitive solutions across the product lifecycle.

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Smarter product engineering with Bosch SDS

Whether it’s enhancing existing products or spearheading the creation of groundbreaking innovations — we blend digital intelligence, engineering precision, and AIoT advancements to redefine how products are designed and brought to life.

Product design

Transform ideas into reality through avant-garde product design solutions with better quality, functionality, and user experience.

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System engineering

Ensure seamless collaboration between subsystems, spanning the entire product lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment.

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Verification and validation

Reduce product development and testing costs and build compliant solutions throughout your product development lifecycle with end-to-end connected systems validation.

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Product security

Employ cutting-edge security protocols, encryption methods, and threat modeling to protect your products against vulnerabilities.

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Prototyping and industrialization

Bridge the gap between concept and production with our smart sample development, agile processes, and additive manufacturing.

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HMI services

Achieve better usability and user satisfaction by designing, developing, and validating HMIs from touchscreen applications to voice-activated controls.

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PLM services

Integrate updates and feedback into product development and stay ahead of the market with cross-functional communication, and AI-led decision-making.

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Enabling business pursuits

The Smarter Product Engineering at Bosch SDS does not help you create products. It enables the development of solutions to critical problems. Whatever business goal you pursue, you can seamlessly transition to smart connected products for long-term value creation with hassle-free user experiences, faster time-to-market, cost-efficiencies, and better revenue-generating opportunities.

Building resilience

Be it edge AI-enabled smart products with self-diagnostics or industrialization and scaling with regulatory compliance; create, sustain, and scale for longevity, future-proofing, and faster GTM.
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Reimagining business

Elevate your business vision with end-to-end product engineering, advanced testing, digital environments, and IoT-led product design. Reimagine with smart and connected solutions.
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Embracing sustainability

Design and use processes and products that promote sustainability without sacrificing economic viability and efficiency. Leverage accredited digital labs and SOTA accelerators for green product engineering.
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